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SeneGence distributor

It’s easy to get started to become an independent SeneGence distributor. Sign up in minutes and immediately begin purchasing products at a discount of 20% – 50% off the retail price. Share the products and opportunity with those you know and everyone you meet. In no time, you can begin to enjoy earning rewards like trips and a new car allowance. Set your own schedule, be your own boss and live your life – on your terms. Choosing to become a SeneGence distributor means choosing products that work & a career that really works … for you!

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SeneGence proudly provides phenomenal, unique products and a distributor career path with one of the most lucrative compensation plans in the direct sales industry. We offer products that sell themselves including SeneDerm anti-aging skincare, LipSense long-lasting lip color, and custom, blend-able SenseCosmetics. Finally … something that truly works!

Now think beyond the scope of cosmetics and skincare. What are your goals? No matter how big or small, we believe you can reach them. Whether you envision travel to exotic destinations, additional income or simply a career on your own terms, you can break through boundaries and be in control … of you. SeneGence gives you the choice to love the products, love the lifestyle or both.

Sponsor = Upline
All SeneGence distributors must have a SeneGence independent distributor as a sponsor. This is your direct upline distributor, she will introduce you to the world of cosmetics from SeneGence, she will accompany and promote you. This is the heart of the SeneGence career opportunity, women helping women build strong organizations and to be rewarded for their successes.

Click on the link to find a distributor who will sponsor you and support you in the future.

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Annual fee 50 Fr

Have a career that really pays on your terms! Purchase products at wholesale and resell for profits. We guarantee your satisfaction when you begin a new career with us, or we will refund your application fee.

Included in the annual fee: you purchase with immediate discount during 1 year, 1 training day at SeneSwiss is mandatory, 90 days Fast Start.

Here you can download the training schedule.

Become a distributor


Lips Kit* 150 Fr

Retail price 375 Fr
You save more than 60%

Cautious new distributors start with the Lips Kit. That’s well considered, because the benefits of LipSense will eliminate even the last doubts. LipSense is more than just lipstick. Designed for one-on-one presentations, the Lips Kit includes a selection of our most popular LipSense shades.

Lips Kit: 8 LipSense, 2 Lip Gloss, 1 Ooops! Remover, 15 Beauty Books, disposable items, plus Vinyl Bag
(*) Included products subject to change.

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Glamour Demo Kit* 650 Fr

Retail price 1’755 Fr
You save more than 60%

Savers among the new distributors choose the Glamour Demo Kit, because they get a substantial selection of the decorative cosmetics from SeneGence with a 60% discount. End consumers among the new distributors collect a multiple of their annual demand for make-up articles with a saving of more than 1’000 Fr. Both ways are smart. The Glamour Demo Kit is designed for group demonstrations and glamour makeovers. Receive a wide array of samples and testers of our most popular products, plus materials to build your demo business.

Glamour Demo Kit:   20 LipSense, 6 Lip Gloss, 4 Lip Liner, 7 Eye Shadow, 1 Lip Balm, 1 LipVolumizer, 2 Blush, 2 Brow Color, 1 Eye Liner, 1 Mascara, 1 Mascara mit Lash Builder, 1 Concealer, 1 Fooops! Remover, 1 Ooops! Remover, 30 Beauty Books, disposable items, plus transparent big cosmetic bag
(*) Included products subject to change.

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Fast Start Program

This is the 90 day starter aid for quick starters to create a solid 50% inventory in the shortest possible time with no slow-moving items. Every order over 300 PV (which is about 800 Fr) gets 50% discount. And that means: 50% profit on every sale you make. Every order over 300 PV (which is about 800 Fr) gets 50% deduction.

All new distributors have this advantage during the first 90 days after business launch. Applies to single orders over 300 PV only, with no limit on how many orders may be placed during promotion period. Sales aids with no PV assigned do not count toward 300 PV requirement.

Set yourself up for success!


SeneSite – window to the customer

Customers can order all SeneGence products directly from SeneSwiss via SeneSite. That’s why the SeneSite is a window to the customer. This personalized website allows you to do online business around the clock. And: You can be geographically present throughout Switzerland. The shipment of SeneSite orders is handled by SeneSwiss. SeneSite costs 250 Fr per year. SeneSites can be operated by distributors who order a Glamour Demo Kit and attend 2 training days per contract year at SeneSwiss. The 35 percent commission on each SeneSite sale is paid monthly.

The SeneSite web address and email address can be placed on business cards, beauty books or on the car to attract visitors to the SeneSite. Customers choose from SeneSwiss’ complete range and can also register as a distributor. Search engines also find the SeneSite. The SeneSite is very easy to set-up, because SeneSwiss provides a beautiful template in which the distributor can insert a personal text (max 60 words) with contact details and photo. The appearance of the SeneSite corresponds to the layout of the SeneSwiss.ch homepage.

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